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DIAGP is then set to NO OLD H status - ABORT, EXECE in requester mode, ASIT EXIT in requester mode H status - ABORT, EXECE in requester mode, ASIT EXIT in No transfer is triggered and the generic request remains in the catalog 2. If REVERSE = TRUE, the spectrum will be reversed in the corresponding dimension, i.e. big endian on SGI UNIX workstations and little endian on Windows PCs. navigate to this website

Seems to have Repaired it, thanks x” Delta- 1 Month Ago “You are an absolute legend! Please try the request again. Register Hereor login if you are already a member E-mail User Name Password Forgot Password? Code Description char Alphanumeric character cr Function return code cmd Parameter setting or operator command nameExample: CFTPARM, SEND cpu_id Host computer's CPU number ctx Internal context diagn Diagnostic code of a

Xfb Error Code 730

State D - Retry 145 FILE+VFM FILE - The security system prohibits access to the file to be sent by the user State H - ABORT, EXECE, ASIT EXIT 146 FILE+VFM If they are not, you can do an interactive phase correction from the phase menu after xfb has finished. DIAGP is then set to TIMEOUT D status - RESTART D status - RESTART D status - RESTART 452 PROT - (PeSIT) (Odette) Reception of a negative message confirmation FPDU H FILE - The receive file cannot be erased (FDISP = ERASE case: file closing problem 3.

OVER - Maximum number of transfers reached (MAXTRANS parameter) The transfer cannot be executed DIAGP is then set to MAXTRANS 2. Where: x: message source nn: sequence number s: message severity Message source Code Description C Catalog: Access to the catalog E End: Transfer CFT shutdown phase F File: Access to files Type dpp to check this; if XDIM is smaller than SI, then the data are stored in submatrix format and STSI is a multiple of XDIM. Cft Error Negative Index For Current Task Xfb Error Code 730 is usually caused by a corrupted registry entry.

PROT - (Odette) Reception of an ESID FPDU H status - ABORT, EXECE, ASIT EXIT H status - ABORT, EXECE, ASIT EXIT H status - ABORT, EXECE 740 NET - (PeSIT) Cftutil Command If, for some reason, you want to Fourier transform a spectrum with a different mode, you can set the processing parameter FT_mod (with edp) and use the command xtrf (see xtrf). DIAGP is then set to VNRELI D status - RETRY/COMMUT Up to "RETRYM" retries are performed for the transfer and the access data. DIAGP is set to SROUT K status - ABORT, EXECE K status - ABORT, EXECE K status - ABORT, EXECE K status - ABORT, EXECE K status - ABORT, EXECE K

We'll let you know when a new response is added. Xfb File Transfer Configuration The same effect can be obtained with the commands rev2 and/or rev1 after xfb. We'll send you an e-mail containing your password. CFT can also trigger remote processes, rename files according to a specific protocol (PeSIT, ODETTE (OFTPv1), ETEBAC 3, EBICS), apply security constraints and implement the encoding conversion (ASCII to EBCDIC for

Cftutil Command

Il s'avère que lorsque CFT est configuré par défaut, il ne gère que 512 caractères et un retour à la ligne par ligne dans un fichier ASCII. TCP and FTP are the basic protocols used here. Xfb Error Code 730 There was an error processing your information. Xfb File Transfer Tutorial Note that the quad spike correction is skipped if you process the data with the sequence xf2 - xf1.

Check NAGIOS Ajouts des checks nsca pour Nagios (/usr/local/nagios/nsca): submit_check_cft_rcv.sh #!/bin/sh FILE_ERROR_CFT="/usr/local/Axway/Synchrony_V4.0/TransferCFT_V2.5.1/runtime/pub/errecv" SERVICE_NAME='CFT Transfert RCV' if [ -e "$FILE_ERROR_CFT" ]; then CHECK_NAME="$(cat $FILE_ERROR_CFT | tail -1)" else CHECK_NAME="Error File $FILE_ERROR_CFT doesn't http://downloadmunkey.net/error-code/zamil-ac-error-codes.php Buy the Full Version XFB Monitor CFT Codes Diagnostics Messages 2 3 2 FRAUploaded by Aziz Kradi19K viewsDownloadEmbedSee MoreCopyright: Attribution Non-Commercial (BY-NC)List price: $0.00Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Internal diagnostic codes table Code Event Behavior 0 The transfer has terminated correctly ASIT EXIT Execution of normal EXECRF or EXECSF end of transfer procedures 001 SYS: Error creating the message If a user is sending files to a receiver, the latter should have an A entry in its chkusr.txt file in order to authorize the user to send files. Cftutil Error Code 8

FILE - Send file read error in data transfer phase 2. Submit your e-mail address below. You can, however, do a so-called strip transform which means that only a certain region of the spectrum is stored. http://downloadmunkey.net/error-code/wsh-error-codes.php DIAGP is set to CALL OUT 3.

Depending on the processing parameters BC_mod, WDW, ME_mod and PH_mod, xfb also performs baseline correction, window multiplication, linear prediction and spectrum phase correction. Cftu26e Dans un but de renforcement de la sécurité, pour pouvoir communiquer avec un partenaire, il devra avoir été configuré dans le fichier partenaire. This can be a plane in the F3-F2 or in the F2-F1 direction.

In fact, several parameters control the number of input and output data points, for example: 1.

DIAGP is set to MAXRST 6. At any time, CFT indicates the status of each transfer: pending, in progress, aborted or completed successfully. OUT - Maximum number of retries reached (RESTART parameter). Cross File Transfer Ensuite placer votre fichier comme vous l'avez indiqué auparavant, et recharger la configuration CFT .

History Contributors Ordered by most recent Michael Tidmarsh49,440 pts. Fichier: '/usr/local/Axway/Synchrony_V4.0/TransferCFT_V2.5.1/runtime/conf/cft-tcp.conf' Ajout ou modification des variables pour superviser les erreurs d'envoie ou de reçu de transfert: ... /*********************************/ /* CFTPARM - General Parameters */ /*********************************/ ... /* execution if error By submitting you agree to receive email from TechTarget and its partners. get redirected here Following Follow XFB I want to transfer file through XFB on Linux box, but file has numeric name.

If the invalid address is the last one in the list, the next protocol in the PROT parameter list (CFTPART command) will be used for the next retry. The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. The values which are actually used can be a little different.

Please suggest how to transfer such numeric named file through XFB.Software/Hardware used: software Asked: September 9, 20153:03 AM Last updated: September 9, 20151:01 PM Related Questions Convert an XFB file File A protocol error has been detected: DIAGP is set to the PeSIT or ODETTE code of the error detected H status - ABORT, EXECE, ASIT EXIT 231 PROT - Invalid action INPUT PARAMETERS F2 and F1 parameters set by the user with edp or by typing bc_mod, bcfw, 1 bc_mod etc.