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All rights reserved. When going to email keep getting message from webpage- object error? The following table is a matrix view of required fields when serving different ad types: Ad Type Campaign - Channel Campaign - Objective Campaign - defaultLandingUrl Bid types Ad - ImageUrl fumble.http.badRequest('invalid query'); // essentially generates { statusCode: 400, message: 'invalid query' } fumble.http.unauthorized ([message='Unauthorized'], [options]) returns an HTTP status code of 401 message - optional message string. http://downloadmunkey.net/error-code/yahoo-error-message.php

sQuery Query string. API Documentation: View the full API documentation for the YAHOO Global Object. oParent The requesting object. Instead of using polling techniques to determine when YAHOO and the rest of the YUI Library is loaded, you can define within YAHOO_config a callback method that will be invoked every

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Interaction Designer. Parameters: oSelf The DataSource instance. There are other considerations, many of them device/browser specific (for example, current versions of the iPhone's Safari browser do not support Flash). Currently it * is expected to contain a "version" property * and a "build" property at minimum. */ YAHOO.register = function(name, mainClass, data) { var mods = YAHOO.env.modules; if (!mods[name]) {

It * contains utility function for setting up namespaces, inheritance, and * logging. It has recipes explaining over twenty-five YUI components, showing how to use them, and how to configure them to meet your needs. Privacy Policy - Copyright Policy - Job Openings YUI recommends YUI 3. Yahoo Unable To Display Full Message Questions on mobile coverage?

ot html 5 . fumble.http.conflict('collision detected'); // essentially generates { statusCode: 409, message: 'collision detected' } fumble.http.gone ([message='Gone'], [options]) returns an HTTP status code of 410 message - optional message string. YAHOO.log executes YAHOO.widget.Logger.log if the Logger Control is available; otherwise, it does nothing. To use the full, commented versions or the -debug versions of YUI JavaScript files, please download the library distribution and host the files on your own server.

If the log message is from an unknown source, creates a new source. Yahoo Unable To Show Full Message Modules animation autocomplete button calendar connection container datasource datatable dom dragdrop element event history logger menu slider tabview treeview yahoo Classes LogMsg LogReader LogWriter YAHOO.widget.Logger Files Logger.js LogMsg.js LogReader.js LogWriter.js Methods var error = fumble.http.create(400, 'missing params', { debug: [passedInParams] }); HTTP 4xx Errors fumble.http.badRequest ([message='Bad Request'], [options]) returns an HTTP status code of 400 message - optional message string. We wrap things up by looking at some of the recent beta components and explain how to use them, and how they may be useful on your web application.For each of

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It also prevents the constructor of the extended object (ie, the superclass) from being executed twice. This site acts as an archive for files and documentation. Yahoo Mail Error Codes X CookbookMatt SniderPackt Publishing Ltd, 6 Ιαν 2011 - 436 σελίδες 0 Κριτικέςhttps://books.google.gr/books/about/Yahoo_User_Interface_Library_2_X_Cookboo.html?hl=el&id=Ij5NTbSZnPQCThe Yahoo! Yahoo Not Able To Show Full Message If * mainClass.VERSION != version or mainClass.BUILD != build, * multiple versions of pieces of the library have been * loaded, potentially causing issues. * * * @method getVersion *

Until then, you can use the following code to detect a number of interesting mobile browsers: var mobile = false, ua = navigator.userAgent, m;if (YAHOO.env.ua.webkit) { if (/ Mobile\//.test(ua)) { mobile check over here Parameters: sSource Source name. See the documentation for the Logger Control for more information about how to make use of it in your work. Parameters: oCallbackFn Callback function defined by oParent object to which to return results. Yahoo Error Code

In the third video tutorial, you'll learn How To Set up Your Sandbox Environment in the Programmatic Gemini API - Episode 3. I found that once I had uninstalled Privacy Safeguard from my Programs menu, no more Object Error. The goal of these sections on YUI User's Guides is to provide you some preliminary insights about how specific components perform on this emerging class of mobile devices. his comment is here Default Value: false Methods _addCacheElem private void _addCacheElem ( oResult ) Adds a result object to the local cache, evicting the oldest element if the cache is full.

Returns: void _isNewCategory private Boolean _isNewCategory ( sCategory ) Checks to see if a category has already been created. Yahoo Error Code Email Returns: void reset void reset ( ) Resets internal stack and startTime, enables Logger, and fires logResetEvent. YUI LibraryYUI HomeYUI 3YUIBlogBug Reports/Feature RequestsYUI on GitHubYUI LicenseYUI 2.x ResourcesYUI 2 ArchivesYUI 2 ExamplesYUI 2 API DocsYUI 2 Discussion Forums YUI ComponentsAnimationAutoCompleteBrowser History ManagerButtonCalendarCarouselChartsColor PickerConnection ManagerContainerCookieDataSourceDataTableDomDrag & DropElementEventGetImageCropperImageLoaderJSONLayout ManagerLoggerMenuPaginatorProfilerProfilerViewerProgressBarResizeRich Text

sSource Source of LogWriter, or null if global.

UI Library > autocomplete > YAHOO.widget.DataSource Class YAHOO.widget.DataSource Known Subclasses: YAHOO.widget.DS_JSFunction YAHOO.widget.DS_XHR YAHOO.widget.DS_JSArray The DataSource classes manages sending a request and returning response from a live database. For instance, the following will fail in Safari: *

 * YAHOO.namespace("really.long.nested.namespace"); * 
* This fails because "long" is a future reserved word in ECMAScript * * @method namespace * Shopping internet providers? Yahoo Error Code Spam version string The version in use (e.g., "2.9.0").

Methods _createNewCategory private void _createNewCategory ( sCategory ) Creates a new category of log messages and fires categoryCreateEvent. fumble.http.tooManyRequests('slow down'); // essentially generates { statusCode: 429, message: 'slow down' } HTTP 5xx Errors fumble.http.internalServerError ([message='Internal Server Error'], [options]) returns an HTTP status code of 500 message - optional message Must be greater or equal 400 message - optional message string. weblink Note that our SLA is 24 hours; however, in practice, most ads are re-activated in 1 to 2 hours.

X CookbookMatt SniderΔεν υπάρχει διαθέσιμη προεπισκόπηση - 2010Συχνά εμφανιζόμενοι όροι και φράσειςAJAX animation array Autocomplete Boolean Indicates browser Button ButtonGroup callback function callback object class="yuimenuitem class="yuimenuitemlabel component configuration object configuration properties You can only upload a photo (png, jpg, jpeg) or a video (3gp, 3gpp, mp4, mov, avi, mpg, mpeg, rm). fumble.http.proxyAuthenticationRequired('need to login to foo'); // essentially generates { statusCode: 407, message: 'need to login to foo' } fumble.http.conflict ([message='Conflict'], [options]) returns an HTTP status code of 409 message - optional It must be included on every page that utilizes the YUI Library, and it must appear before any of the other YUI component.

Well this is no sure remedy but I did the following and my Yahoo isn't frozen along with Internet Explorer anymore...I think. This is a continuously incremented integer that will grow larger with each version of the library. YUI recommends YUI3. Parameters: sCategory Category name.

dataErrorEvent dataErrorEvent ( oSelf , oParent , sQuery , sMsg ) Fired when an error is encountered with the live data source. Populates cache (if enabled). As parameter, this function will receive the version * information for the module. Well this is no sure remedy but I did the following and my Yahoo isn't frozen along with Internet Explorer anymore...I think.