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Many of the solutions seem rather dubious to me, but I will present them all here: Suggestion: Clear your browser's cookies and cache (temporary files). Recommended Reading For Yahoo Users: Yahoo! While the error will usually correct itself on its own, here's a workaround that can help get you up and running quicker.  Important: Make sure you're always using a supported Web Michael Robles 32,343 views 0:51 How To Get Back Classic Yahoo! navigate here

Update (5th December 2007): A couple of people have reported that the error only occurs for them when sending from their Yahoo Mail address to a HotMail address but not to Voucher Kumar 7 views 0:27 Cannot Connect to the Real Google / Websites Error - Duration: 1:02. Can anyone help?? I would suggest contacting Yahoo.

Temporary Error 14 Yahoo Mail

Extremely annoying as I never installed anything - it simply started after a Firefox upgrade. People have primarily reported receiving this error when they try to access Yahoo Mail or Yahoo Groups, but other Yahoo services may also be affected. I keep telling everyone: "Other Family Members are able to log into their Yahoo Mail using the same computer with no problem!!!" How would updating to version 29 help??? Seems they're having problems putting links to Wikipedia in their answers and they suggest: It MIGHT be the case that if too many answers with the same link are given, that,

For about the first 20 listings, SEOquake will get the site info, then get an error on the rest, and spit out that error if you reload the page or access Yahoo Mail comments Tips? With the accelerator turned on they were receiving the Yahoo Error 999 message, but when they turned the accelerator off the error message didn't appear. Yahoo Mail Error 14 Chrome If you need a response, please Contact us.

if you usually log into Yahoo via http://login.yahoo.com/ then try http://login.korea.yahoo.com/ or http://login.europe.yahoo.com/. Background: This error appears to be a "catch-all" error code that Yahoo serves up when it doesn't have a more specific error code. Update (12 April 2005): It has been reported to me that the Error 999 can also appear when trying to access a Yahoo Geocities hosted website. There are two reasons that I can think of: To prevent DoS (Denial of Service) attacks.

I used to do the blogging for around 7 to 12 hours per day - (addicted to it) I NEVER once got an error 999 problem from surfing and blogging for Yahoo Temporary Error 2 Asep Saepudin 1,348 views 0:48 How to Contact Yahoo Support - Duration: 1:25. I've refreshed my cache.I've pretty much abandoned this email as my main one because of it, but there are older emails I would like to get out of it.Anyone know how They then attribute clearing their cookies to fixing the problem, not realising that by disconnecting from the Internet and then reconnecting they probably received a different IP address).

Yahoo Mail Temporary Error 15

I've tried different browsers. The downfall to this is that most pirated IP addresses belong to small business or home users. Temporary Error 14 Yahoo Mail Chances of Working: Medium. Yahoo Mail Temporary Error 16 I have cleared my browser history and cache, hoping it would help, but nothing.

Looking at the difference, I found that the link with the problem did not have "www" as part of the link. check over here Sign in to make your opinion count. You can pay Yahoo for their Yahoo! Firefox 28 is still working fine, it is with only one Yahoo Mail account that was working fine up until a week ago, so it is either something in Firefox or Yahoo Error 14 Fix

So it is beginning to look like the Error 999 when using Yahoo Mail can be caused by many things in addition to bandwidth limiting, possibly something local to the user However, there are some old emails that I would like to retrieve. TLBRO Posted 5/1/14, 4:10 PM Question owner I NOW tried Firefox's "Safe Mode" & "Firefox's Private Browsing Mode" just for the heck of it since I tried everything else and that his comment is here You can just download and install Firefox.

If your error code matches any of those below then click on the link to read how to rectify the problem. Yahoo Temporary Error 18 Anson Alexander 53,224 views 5:40 How to Block & Unblock Websites on Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 - Duration: 2:01. I'm able to sign-in on a friends computer with chrome???

Andrew Moderator 310 solutions 3932 answers Posted 4/30/14, 5:35 PM Since this seems to be an issue with your account only.

Since this is an isolated case, we at Mozilla have no control of your account. I don't know if Yahoo Mail doesn't like the Firefox browser or Firefox doesn't like Yahoo Mail, but the problem seems to be between Firefox and Yahoo Mail and not other This very evening, I was posting an answer about transistors -- no links, nothing remotely evil, and got the dreaded 999 error in multiple browsers on multiple computers. Technical Glitch Error 14 Sign in to add this video to a playlist.

To do so, log in to your router's administration interface and check if a password has been set. Update (15th August 2007): Rick Gallagher contacted me and said: I found your suggestions for handling the 999 error encountered on various Yahoo! Something went wrong but we don't know what, so we'll just say that Error 999 occurred." The most common reason for receiving Yahoo Error 999 is due to some sort of weblink Since this seems to be an issue with your account only.

Sign in to make your opinion count. If that works, go back and edit the response, pasting back the full reply. I discovered a little something involving Yahoo Answers that might help. In such a case, to protect its servers from automated queries, Yahoo can deny you access, presenting you with an "Error 999" page instead.

I would suggest contacting Yahoo. Answers may see this problem more than light users. I don't know what the problem was, but I 'RESET' Firefox per the instructions in the below link and now I don't receive Yahoo Mail's "Temporary Error 14" message any longer??? Wether it be the blogs or many front page comments.

well that's when I hit the 999 error wall constantly. Update (22nd September 2007): I've been told that the Yahoo Error 999 is now occuring on the del.icio.us social bookmarking site. Low and behold it worked!