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It also doesn't have a vendor price so I can't sell it and then buy it back either. Message when zoning in, very stressful! Reply With Quote 06-22-2013 #7 newsneez View Profile View Forum Posts View Articles Banned Reputation 155 Join Date Sep 2012 Posts 395 Thanks G/R 0/1 CoreCoins 80 TradeFeedback 0 (0%) Originally A great ad-on that tells you if items you loot are better than what you have.

Emoted hugs and kisses, The Kithores Channeling rigamorte Here is my update for this week sorry I droned on for so long just itching to get back to the live stream Yes random items appear, when you unignore and relog all your items will stay there Reply With Quote 06-22-2013 #15 Milance93 View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message View Articles Private UI in image? (Score:2) by jamus ( 1439 ) writes: What is the UI being used? With the 365 rings from Headless Horseman, it was really helpful.

FFXI has hyperinflation at the moment due to gillsellers, plus there are key items which are *only* available from them via IGE, not in-game, since the mobs that drop them are Maybe it's just me, but when I agree to a terms of service, I tend to abide by it the same as I would any other contract. Nobody's on to celebrate with me. :( pic.twitter.com/eTLrZsFL Posted by Aprillian at 4:42 PM No comments: Post a Comment Newer Post Older Post Home Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Get Your What We've Been Doing: Aprillian Goblin with heirloom leather headband, so frakking cute Hope I did okay with the editing last week.

especially as ranged DPS. So what? And they are back the next day w/ a new account, ip address, and charge number. Parent Share twitter facebook linkedin Re:PHOTOSHOPPED image! (Score:4, Informative) by MurdockScottSD ( 669284 ) writes: on Tuesday July 19, 2005 @05:15PM (#13107466) I threw it into PS and adjusted the levels

Maxed leather working, skinning, mining, jewelcrafting, herbalism, alchemy, engineering, inscription, tailoring and enchanting, but still working on collecting the high-level recipes. Until companies figure out how to make the games playable for everybody, they're Re:Noone posting? (Score:2) by Skim123 ( 3322 ) writes: I would imagine that those who really care are Is there any real difference between say.. It is too dangerous.

I always say: "If you can't tru Well, maintainence has been extended (Score:3, Informative) by endx7 ( 706884 ) writes: on Tuesday July 19, 2005 @02:07PM (#13105309) Homepage Journal 1. 7/19 PPS: I am doing this on 2 different accounts, both in the same guild for instant mail delivery, using the ignore thing btw.. Way to go Slashdot. Kithore also has not been able to play.

nikolakralj94 21,181 views 2:58 Wpe Pro Dupe Items wow 3.3.3 3.3.5a - Duration: 3:08. Cheat or Exploit (Score:2, Funny) by Jeet81 ( 613099 ) writes: Are you sure it's a exploit? Been racking up killing blows right there from foolish rogues who don't realize this. :) Join the Conversation Ignored Have something to say? On this I am trying to make you guys expand on as if you try to get that 123545346457546785685858567 gold, you can keep posting on the other thread there's already there.

Slashdot Stories Firehose All Popular Polls Deals Submit Search Slashdot Login or Sign up Topics: Devices Build Entertainment Technology Open Source Science YRO Follow us: RSS Facebook Google+ Twitter Newsletter Please Well that's constructive. He will remove the existing ones and send them to your mailbox, that way you can complete the quests and send those items to your alts or do whatever. someone try it with items that sent by npc?

So far we're getting some nice ideas, but I guess its 2AM in Europe so not many online at this time, maybe we get something out of this tomorrow Reply With Just be prepared to get banned. Re:If this dupefix is anything like in Shadowbane. (Score:2) by WhatAmIDoingHere ( 742870 ) * writes: That's why WoW has epic PvP rewards, FTW. The time now is 05:15 PM.

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He's been comforting a cranky wife, and working very hard with his... Too Late (Score:3, Funny) by Anonymous Coward writes: on Tuesday July 19, 2005 @12:51PM (#13104513) Somebody should have told Leeroy Jenkins about this one. I'm sure that Blizzard will eventually figure out who abused this bug and issue a round of bannings, followed by a round of community protests that people were unfairly banned.

But I had forgotten the name of the guy who sent me the mats, and opened a ticket to return them.

C'mon CS boy, you should know making assumptions about code you haven't seen is dangerous. Similarly, obscure exploitable bugs tend to stay around a lot longer than highly visible common knowledge exploitable bugs. Open it up first, and then you can do the next Candy Bucket. I've had in mail a mail(1) from an NPC, a letter that was there for 15 days, I've done the above steps and after I reloaded that shit a few times

risakCZ 212,121 views 5:58 Molten WoW Dupe Exploit (Works on any private server) - Duration: 4:12. Fucking. His students are determined, he is determined, and I just know they are going to do wonderfully - but it does mean I will be a "Band Widow" for a bit Reply With Quote 06-22-2013 #2 Cycoder View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message View Articles Master Sergeant Reputation 29 Join Date May 2012 Posts 121 Thanks G/R 0/0 CoreCoins 70 TradeFeedback

Does it make the game less fun for you when the no lifers have better gear or can gain levels faster? In any case, the servers are down, this will be fixed...there really isn't a reason to freak out so much. Auruk and Vrishna dueled, Vrishna won. Free yourself...stop caring about mod points, they are meaningless anyways.

It's litterally less risky to spend a few bucks on gold farming and botting than duping chit on this game. Kithore has been working very hard, and I have been just a bit ill.