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Xbox Error 0022 After Reflow

I think in my case I got a dead chip(one of them) I ordered a GPU chip and I will try to see if it fixes it. If you google it you can find other people have had the same issue, but there are no solutions. maialuis on 2010-03-05 16:17:11 : Boar jasper give tis error some times on start up, but if you wait one minute or two with console giving error on next start up The caps shouldn't go over 212F. click site

Ran flux under all the chips. I didn't see it at first unfortunately so wasted allot of time reballing everything. way to argue your point....

Yes, RROD is 3-lightsWrong bro.3 lights is the ring of death. I was able to finish my science project!!!!!

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BTW, Xenon, ms25, stock, no work done or wiring on the board, no missing parts, nothing other than a pure stock 360. I should add that I used a heat gun during the x clamp fix to heat the underside of the mobo. you open your xbox 360 and check the solder connections resolder it on anyway (heatgun it if you want) check connections again, check the etching. If you follow this method (and this has to be one of the best ones I've seen) then you might get up to another year or so out of it, if

So, my brain goes into repair mode without much thought. you're going to hear it until the end of time :)Wow.... I know all that. I check the error codes they have and all of them say CPU/GPU overheat.

XIBlackiceIX on 2012-01-05 01:36:09 : Hi. Reball may not be necessary but it does appear the both the CPU and GPU should be reflowed. In extremely rare cases it might also be related to the lines that lead from HANA to the CPU. Good luck."Now if you would like to add anything that is not common knowledge and may contribute to my issue, feel free.

He said not to do those things. this one is out there.. To ... 7 Step 7: Get Rid of the Thermal PasteI'm incredibly proud of myself, because I think I've found the perfect method for removing thermal paste.1) Remove the big clumps deadcos on 2011-11-12 13:53:45 : Had a 0110, reflowed without flux now got a 0022, but in my particulary case I founded some kind of melted gluewey stuff around the gpu,

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Umm you really should not to this!! I have never done this before, but I am planning on it.i also tried this with my laptop and a crappy 2 temp heat gun.

Help? get redirected here Now you need to apply new thermal ... 12 Step 12: Testing!At this point you can try the box out and see if your reflow worked. Plug in the power and video cable, and make sure the RF board is back in the front of the xbox. You could also try filling one of those mega sized zip lock backs with ice and putting it under the 360.

I just got done with the second run through, oven, reflow, waiting on it to cool to paste and test again. Seems to have happened to more than one person. Do you not think if I'm actually asking for other peoples Ideas when it comes to repair that I haven't ran through every repair, checked every resistor, ran over every possible navigate to this website I changed with another exact same cap and booted green lights!

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Dont waste time using a heat gun or any of these towel or clamp methods on the chip - bad bad bad idea!
The chances are however higher that it is the GPU than the HANA chip so you should always first concentrate on the GPU. So, of course I held the sync button and powered it up, but this time after a long wait (30 seconds or so) it just went into RROD mode.

The chances are however higher that it is the GPU than the HANA chip so you should always first concentrate on the GPU.

But if all you are going to do is come here and spout your copy paste job, don't bother.Well it is a good idea to put a small ammount of insulation still RROD. All the errors were before I even cracked the case open. BTW, you "professional", you should know that if it's anything hardware related (which is the issue since I'm not entirely sure it's not a software issue with the TSOP, especially since

Besides all i'm trying to do is give you some advice if it is hardware related. Anyone can give me an idea of what to try next???? Help? http://downloadmunkey.net/xbox-error/xbox-fix-error-13.php I think there is something underyling that I'm trying to piece together.

Just give it to a (good) local pro.. I had an E71 change to a 0022 just by holding the sync button to clear an failed updates.All this was done on the first time through the repair. unless you want to destroy it, 350 C is very very hot never mind 400C considering SnAgCu (lead free) has a melting temperature of 222°C, compared to the regular SnPb (tin It shows up with E71...