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Yosemite Backup Error 5093


Take a log backup and then retry the ALTER DATABASE operation.509916NoALTER DATABASE failed because the READ_COMMITTED_SNAPSHOT and the ALLOW_SNAPSHOT_ISOLATION options cannot be set to ON when a database has FILESTREAM filegroups. Remove the UNIQUE hint, or update the input data file to ensure that the data is unique.532715NoThe column '%.*ls' does not have a valid data type for the ORDER hint specified At least one property per file must be specified.503916NoMODIFY FILE failed. Each option can be specified only once.509215NoThe value for change tracking option '%ls' is not valid. http://downloadmunkey.net/yosemite-server/yosemite-backup-error.php

Database cannot recover.553716NoFunction %ls is only valid on columns with the FILESTREAM attribute.553816NoPartial updates are not supported on columns that have a FILESTREAM as a source.553916NoThe ROWGUIDCOL column associated with the Yes No Do you like the page design? I am a new or existing customer. Error 17: Error opening file A file that was required could not be opened.

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If the problem persists, call the tape drive supplier helpline." Error 4081: TapeAlert - Information - No Removal The manual eject button on the tape drive was pushed while this job Recommended Repair based on your search of "Yosemite Backup Error 5093" Copyright © 2013-2014

Wnaspi32dll For Download | Windows Xp Error Code 53 | Wow Error 14545 | Windows Vista Simply quitting the GUI and relaunching it allowed me to log in without error.

The total size specified must be 1 MB or greater.501616NoCannot change the name of the system database %.*ls.501810NoThe file "%.*ls" has been modified in the system catalog. You could maybe try a repair in the devices area if it's a virtual media, not sure how it works for actual tapes. Use the steps in this article to determine the issue and to resolve the error.Move the Snapshot LocationFirst determine if the server has multiple partitions with available disk space, and then Yosemite Backup Server Looking at the file identifiers for the virtual media, I saw that I actually had about 70 files (1 GB each) but the library was listing it as a 2 GB

On Windows, the VSS services returned an error when asked to make a snapshot. Yosemite Server Backup Technical Reference Guide You need to insert a tape into your tape drive. Almost all of those troubles probably have many achievable leads to as well. Seen a few times during backup jobs of a Linux host.

Error 4429: The virtual library device inventory file could not be read I have seen this when trying to repair a virtual media that had error 16. Yosemite Server Backup Review Go increase the number of storage slots on your virtual device. Forgot your password? Running the backup job a second time (no changes) seemed to fix the problem.

Yosemite Server Backup Technical Reference Guide

The error was logged in the system logs (e.g. The value must be 0, 1, 2, or 3.558416NoAnother session is executing the sp_filestream_configure stored procedure. Yosemite Server Backup Support Error 1004: Invalid object ID Seen when having troubles using a virtual library. Yosemite Server Backup Documentation My master server had a bad hard drive where the catalog was stored and I received this error.

ALTER TABLE permission is required on the target table of a bulk load if the target table contains triggers or check constraints, but the 'FIRE_TRIGGERS' or 'CHECK_CONSTRAINTS' bulk hints are not http://downloadmunkey.net/yosemite-server/yosemite-backup-error-codes.php Anybody else? Log In or Sign up now or or Log in with Barracuda Partner Portal Log in with Barracuda Cloud Control Your data is transferred using secure TLS connections. From the description: "The virtual library device is reporting a internal error. Yosemite Server Backup Download

Restarting the server seemed to fix it. Forgot your Partner Portal password? Similarly, if you change your virtual library to have only 1 "drive" or "device" then it won't show. weblink The database has been put in dbo-only mode.

Error 4475: The library cannot access storage folder paths to create the necessary files Pretty self explanatory. Error 1037 Object Is Not Active As we have quite a few other sites that seem to run ok with each other but they are the older version 8.1 i think most of them are. It should be renamed or deleted so that a new log file can be created.502716NoSystem databases master, model, and tempdb cannot have their logs rebuilt.502816NoThe system could not activate enough of

Try the operation again later.506616NoDatabase options single user and dbo use only cannot be set at the same time.506716NoThe database option TORN_PAGE_DETECTION is incompatible with the PAGE_CHECKSUM option.506810NoFailed to restart the

Back to top #8 Guest_Ben Kloos_* Guest_Ben Kloos_* Demo Users Posted 14 April 2011 - 11:39 AM That sounds about right to me, the older versions of our software did not Perform a restore if necessary.512524NoFile '%ls' appears to have been truncated by the operating system. From the description: "You cannot eject the cartridge because the tape drive is in use. Barracuda Support The database is in single-user mode, and a user is currently connected to it.506516NoThe file "%ls" is currently being scanned or used by a background or user process.

Error 4466: The library is not initialized, and cannot be used Seen with a virtual library, although I cannot remember the circumstances of making this happen. From the description: "A read or open operation has failed on the selected virtual media extent file." Error 4426: Failed to locate an extent file Seen in the virtual library maintenance It willgo out next days ... check over here Disable the vardecimal storage format on all tables before disabling the vardecimal storage format for the database.508716NoThe file content type mismatches with the content type of the filegroup.508816NoChange tracking is already

By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies for analytics and personalized content. Change tracking settings cannot be modified for system databases.509115NoALTER DATABASE change tracking option '%ls' was specified more than once. Either the disk resource containing the file is not present in the cluster group or the cluster resource of the Sql Server does not have a dependency on it.518516NoCannot find the Error 109: Service stop error Seen on a Linux machine when I tried to stop the YTBackup service while it was still starting up (start pending).

Error 36: Parameter is invalid Seen on a virtual library after disassociating and deleting some invalid media and also going from 2 "devices" to 1. For removeable media, it could be set to have multiple sets and does not want to overwrite the prior media. Please contact technical support.524316NoAn inconsistency was detected during an internal operation. This is what was preventing the VSS from reading volume information on any of the disks on the server.

It should open fine.I then tried reactivating my mail accounts but it DID NOT work and mail just crashed again. The transient database snapshot for database '%.*ls' (database ID %d) has been marked suspect due to an IO operation failure.