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More flats are being built to accommodate families—57,875 dwelling units are to be built by the end of this year in the first phase of the Married Accommodation Project (MAP). True of men as also of officers. But when people don't even bother to give him a seat in the train, he starts questioning his commitment towards his job and the nation. As per press reports, false news of the death of a soldier in the hospital acted as a trigger for collective indiscipline in an artillery unit in Leh. http://downloadmunkey.net/zero-error/zero-error-syndrome.php

Is that because there is only one officer available in a company against the authorised strength of four or is it because the officer is now busy building his career with from: Atis Posted on: May 23, 2012 at 06:57 IST Show all comments This article is closed for comments.Please Email the Editor Get News Delivered To Your Email Send Me Only 7.76% failed. The focus therefore needs to be on finding out steps that can be taken to make sure that the existing depleted strength of officers present in units gets to spend enough

His son made this narrative his daily ritual. KN PanditaThe oft-repeated narrative of Kashmir valley leadership is that India should talk to Pakistan. ivy 05 Oct 2012 at 10:48 am why do we say that middle or lower level offrs need to pull up?

I say increase the pay + advertise.ReplyDeleteAdd commentLoad more... Sweat on the play ground was an insurance against blood in battle. What makes a soldier prone to suicide? If so we need to address that as a problem, and not look out to starve the already starved.

Outsourcing is a good option to identify the actual reasons but its recommendations may not be palatable to our policy makers. But more often, frustrated soldiers display depression: they pull the trigger on themselves. “When a person is frustrated, his frustration can get converted into aggression or depression,” said Dr Manas Kumar Swami holds "Colonial Era Culture"-Sahib and Sevak- responsible for this unfortunate incident, while Mr. For example, Lt-Gen.

On a serious note, three issues — Army’s leadership, preparedness for war, and defence procurements — dealt by the writer, deserve attention. Students can also register for Contact Pgmes 2017. The findings, submitted to the defence ministry in January 2007, revealed that the main reason was discontent over leave and occupational hazards. And neither does the presence of the ‘Sahib culture'.

Something is certainly amiss here. Obviously, mutual faith has been a casualty. Murphy's Law is the most popular dictum in the armed forces, and it catches up some time or the other. They fought a war in sub-zero temperatures in lofty Himalayas without proper winter clothing in 1962 without a word of protest.

Yet, the General’s moment of truth to stand up was when he was asked to sign on the 1950 date of birth. Accountability in the Army is lateral and vertical. Ideally, an external research agency should be commissioned to carry out such a study and give their unbiased inputs. Indian Army - Do you have it in you?

What is being changed and what is being charged!!! The more important reasons are Immature COs of 14- 15yrs of service but only 5-7 yrs of regtl service ; large number of non military duties in peace stations which are On the night of May 14, a few terrorists blazed their way into the thinly-guarded camp, and sprayed bullets at 38 wives, mothers and children of soldiers. http://downloadmunkey.net/zero-error/zero-error-syndrome-definition.php With shortage of officers reaching alarming levels of almost one fifth of the sanctioned strength, the concern and urgency is understandable.

without sooooo much pressure? But we are practical, in choosing where to use this from: Gopalan Posted on: May 24, 2012 at 20:52 IST Both Mr. There is an argument that cellphones lead to higher levels of stress.

Tension rose further in every military station.  Kaluchak in Jammu was one such family station.

My best hope is that if we succeed in selecting the right guy, then half the battle is won.”  (July, 25, 2010, THE WEEK) Interview of Dr Manas Kumar Mandal, director It is well nigh impossible for him either to know all soldiers in his company or to look after their welfare adequately.Quite unfairly, a commanding officer is expected to train and Intoxication of the authority goes to some people's head when they get absolute power to control others and they start behaving like the masters of the universe. Indiscipline to the point of revolt does not only affect those in the unit, but even those commanding higher formations.

Read more » Today's Paper ePaper This Day That Age Crossword Archive Group Sites The Hindu தி இந்து Business Line BL on Campus Sportstarlive Frontline The Hindu Centre Images Classifieds RoofandFloor We need not necessarily follow western models of combating stress. If they leave, they will be termed as "Bhagoda" and will be inspected by Police for the rest of their lives. check my blog The horror of the incident was still palpable in the air.

Subsequently, I launched Indian Defence Review in 1986.I am the editor since 1998. Thanks to the initiatives, “we have succeeded in bringing the [suicide] rate down by almost 30 per cent in the last year,” said Army spokesman Col Om Singh. “We are working The first 300 pages of his book show him suffering from the ‘I, Me, Myself’ syndrome that he saw in others. Read all about it here.

It has also come to be accepted as a euphemism for describing difficulties faced by an individual. The DIPR has developed an entry-level personality test, expected to be in place this year, for aspiring troopers. “Our effort is not only to test a person's positive traits but also Indian Army needs a new energy. As a military psychologist, I think it should not be banned.

Identifying such time wasters would be beyond the purview of a study headed by the MS and conducted by the MS Branch. Even in normal police force, junior people may not like doing household work, guardening and such work. The trial is already on and we have handed over the system to the Army. According to the writer, each year unspent money of a service which has been allocated for its capital or equipment acquisitions during a financial year is re-appropriated.

Is the Indian army in the same league?