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But if the zero-based assumption were correct, the Zunes would have died on January 1, not December 31. Adjust the day and year counts. On entry, the variable days is equal to the number of days since January 1, 1980, which is taken as the beginning of time. The Zune player software is also free and should be updated from time to time to get the latest improvements for your Windows Phone 7. have a peek at these guys

We steer you to products you'll love and show you how to get the most out of them. To avoid introducing the phantom year 1979, we could do it this way: year = ORIGINYEAR; while (days > 0) { if (IsLeapYear(year)) days -= 366; else days -= 365; if I don't fault Microsoft for rewriting glibc, I work with many coders who aren't curious at all about how things work, they call all these black boxes, like glibc. Get help from the community Ambassador chat Chat one on one with a fellow Xbox User who wants to help.

Zune Leap Year Bug

The issue should resolve itself.Q: Are you sure that this won't happen to all 80, 120 or other flash devices? Lee Vanessa Teague and J. So, modulo will only take you that far.

Year y is a leap year if it is a multiple of 400, or if it is a multiple of 4 but not of 100. Here's the implementation of the IsLeapYear function: static int IsLeapYear(int Year) { int Leap; Leap = 0; if ((Year % 4) == 0) { Leap = 1; if ((Year % 100) Shouldn't the same bug have appeared in the previous leap years as well ? (eg : 2000, 2004 etc etc..) Why didn't it appear then? Considering that for instance 2100 is no leap year.

On every other day of the year, you have days <= 365.) But there's no way on that particular day for the days to ever exceed 366 during the last day Microsoft Zune If you read the "Calculation" section of this wikipedia page, you will see that there is an arithmetic algorithm for calculating the date corresponding to a give JD. It should be good until the year 2100. // calculate the year from 1980 = 0 year = (days * 4 - 4) / 1461; // calculate the day within that The second-generation Zunes were designed by Microsoft, and don't have this bug.

This may cause errors when attempting to stream or download content or update the service. Maybe the person who deleted the error message thought the code works, so this clause will never be executed and is therefore unnecessary. What lessons can we learn from this? The conversion logic is identical -- just the code for getting the raw number of days is different -- and yet the conversion code is duplicated, or rather, is nearly duplicated.

Microsoft Zune

Google is launching RCS messaging on Sprint, with other... A skilled developer gets a shaky feeling down the back of his spine with a tight loop like that, but not everyone feels that fear enough to brute-force test it with Zune Leap Year Bug The Zune fix (outlined below) will work at 7am ET January 1, 2009. The latter can be at the bottom, but the rest should appear at the top in some form so readers know whose voice we're "hearing" and from when.

All rights reserved. More about the author News Channels Startups Mobile Gadgets Enterprise Social Europe Asia Crunch Network Unicorn Leaderboard Gift Guides All Topics All Galleries All Timelines Video Shows Apps News Crunch Report Disrupt SF 2016 Gadgets Microsoft says it will also issue a fix for the device so that this problem won't re-occur the next leap year, in 2012. We expect the internal clock on the Zune 30GB devices will automatically reset tomorrow (noon, GMT).

The code decided it wasn't time to stop yet, because days was more than 365. ("while (days > 365)") It then asked whether year was a leap year, concluding correctly that When we asked motorola about it they said "we don't understand the code - it was written by a consultant who no longer works for us" when the consultant was asked If the current year is a leap year ("if (IsLeapYear(year))"), it subtracts 366 from days and adds one to year; otherwise it subtracts 365 from days and adds one to year. http://downloadmunkey.net/zune-error/zune-inf-error.php Year y is a leap year if it is a multiple of 400, or if it is a multiple of 4 but not of 100.

First-generation Zunes—those with 30-gigabyte disk drives—went silent everywhere on December 31. I admit that I may be missing some subtlety as I don't really follow why a loop was used at all - but I'd expect something like the following three functions: What if I took advice from the forums and reset my Zune by disconnecting the battery?

The technical team jumped on the problem immediately and isolated the issue: a bug in the internal clock driver related to the way the device handles a leap year. "That being

Please try the request again. This section of code would keep running forever -- leaving the Zune seemingly dead in the water. The reader who spotted this error suggested a different solution, adding an else clause with a break command: year = ORIGINYEAR; while (days > 365) { if (IsLeapYear(year)) { if (days Subtle traps lie in wait even in what seems a very simple algorithm.

Explanations were posted in the Zuneboards forum, at Ars Technica, at ProgramPhases.com and elsewhere. Does no one use a DIVIDE any more?// One would have to take out 1461-day chunks to do that. Consider what happens when the initial value of days is 366. news Yesterday 30-gigabyte Zunes suffered a crippling glitch causing the digital music players to lock up, reboot themselves, and freeze.

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It looks like someone when adding in the code for the MC13783 saw the conversion code they wanted, but that it was packaged into the same procedure as the lower-level aspects Because the player is frozen, its battery will drain-this is good. The Bug That Ate Thursday Number Factoids Carnival of Mathematics #130 Ten years of bit-playing Deep Dreaming with Every Card I Write Topics biology (12)books (13)computing (141)games (17)linguistics (9)mathematics (153)meta (5)modern Then days==367, so the year would be properly incremented, and everything would be fine.

Itsnotabigtruck, the poster who figured this out for everyone, notes that this will occur again in four years if they don’t do something. To put it another way, it was the 366th day of 2008.